Anime Dubs - Best Girl

The Rules

The contest will be hosted on, if you haven't heard of them before, you can find out more about how it works here. And you can check out the format of how it'll look on the subreddit from one of my posts from the most recent.

Starting January 1st you'll get 2 days to nominate your picks (I'll post a reminder on both days).

Followed by 2 days of seeding the nominations. At this stage, you can vote for as many dubs as you'd like, with the top voted picks going through to the knockout rounds.

Depending on the amount of nominations we get, there'll be either 64 or 128 entries that progress to the one-on-one showdowns, spread across 4 brackets. (These matches will be determined by the seedings from the previous round.)

Each round lasts 24 hours and will be updated at 10pm GMT/6pm EDT/3pm PDT

Have fun and check out r/AnimeDubs for the daily update posts!

Character Nomination

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Cirno artwork by GIF